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In the mid to late 1990’s I wrote a series of columns and articles for a publication in the National Evironmenal Journal, later to become Environmental Technology. Many of the articles linked to this page are the result of that work. They have been modified somewhat in form and content to reflect corrections, improvements and the requirements of this format. The list of columns that follows is in chronological order. Many of the later columns have graphics included that aid in the use of the technical concepts described. With the cessation of the column work a series of white papers and other articles were added to the site. That process continues, as time goes by content will increase. 

These are the White Papers

 A Review of Chemical Oxidation Technology

Treatment of Chlorinated Hydrocarbon Contaminated Groundwater with the Injection of Nano Scale Reactive Particle


These are Environmental Technology Articles:

These are Links to Documents Available at Other Web Sites

For the Nano Scale Iron Technology

For Anaerobic Bio-Oxidation Systems

These are Environmental Technology Ground Water Columns:


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